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How to Get Around Rome: Public Transportation Guide

how to get around rome with a scooter

Welcome to Our “How to Get Around Rome – A Public Transportation Guide!”

Navigating Rome, Italy is an adventure in itself, and understanding the various transportation options is key to making the most of your visit. Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins, vibrant neighborhoods, or charming streets, we’ll walk you through the various transport options in Rome: including the the metro, buses, trams, taxis, bikes, scooters, and more. Let’s discover the diverse ways to get around Rome efficiently and enjoyably!

How to Get Around Rome with Public Transportation Options:

1. Metro – Underground system connecting major regions in the city

Using the metro in Rome can be efficient for getting around the city quickly, avoiding traffic, and reaching popular landmarks. It’s especially useful for covering longer distances within the city and accessing key tourist destinations since there are stops near all major destinations, like Vatican City for example. The metro is a great way to get there! Be sure to read up on our full Vatican City Itinerary before your trip!

Limitations: Rome’s metro network has limited coverage. Not all areas are served, so you may still need buses or other transportation for certain destinations. Additionally, during peak hours, the metro can be crowded.

How to Access: To find metro stops when using public transportation in Rome, you can use online maps or check the ATAC – Rome Mobility Portal. Most metro stations are marked with the letter “M” and are easily identifiable.

How To Buy Tickets: You can purchase a Metro ticket at the Metro station terminal, as well as a “Tap & Go” pass for all public transportation services in Rome through the ATAC – Rome Mobility Portal.

Hours: 6:00AM-Midnight

metro rome italy

2. Bus or Trolley Bus – Rome has an extensive bus system covering most of the city

Buses provide extensive coverage in Rome, reaching areas not served by the metro. Buses offer a more flexible and comprehensive way to explore the city, allowing you to access neighborhoods, historical sites, and local attractions that may not be easily reached by other means of transportation. Trolley buses (or electric bus) are a great eco-friendly option for public transportation in Rome. Be sure to study up on the “Best Areas to Stay in Rome” before your visit, and what public transport options service there!

Limitations: Buses can be affected by traffic congestion, leading to potential delays. Navigating the bus system may also be challenging for tourists unfamiliar with the routes.

How to Access: Bus stops are usually marked with a sign displaying the line numbers and routes served. Use this app for schedule times: “Muoversi a Roma” app!

Tickets for Buses, Trams, and Trolley Buses: You can buy tickets for all 3 of these services in Rome from various sources, such as tobacco shops, newsstands, or vending machines at metro stations. The “MyCicero” app also allows you to purchase tickets as well. Ensure that you validate your ticket before boarding the bus, tram, or trolley bus.

Hours: 6:00AM-Midnight

roman bus
public transport bus in rome

3. Tram – operate in certain neighborhoods, offering a scenic ride.

Trams provide a comfortable and efficient means of transportation, especially in areas not covered by the metro. They offer a scenic way to explore the city and are often less crowded than buses.

Limitations: Trams only serve various neighborhoods, including Trastevere, Testaccio, and Pigneto. While trams in Rome provide efficient transportation, they may have limitations such as fewer routes compared to buses and limited coverage in certain areas.

How to Access: For using Trams, you can look for marked signs displaying the tram line numbers and routes served. Additionally, you can check nearby street corners or intersections for tram tracks and stop indicators. Use this app for schedule times: “Muoversi a Roma”

Hours: 6:00AM-Midnight

tram in rome

How To Get Around Rome With Private Transport:

1. Taxi – Private cars are widely available for convenient transportation in Rome

Taxis are a great way to get straight from Point A to Point B within Rome quickly and efficiently. However, be sure to avoid unlicensed or unofficial taxis to ensure a safe and regulated service.

How to Get a Taxi in Rome:

  • Hail on the street: Look for available taxis with the illuminated sign on the roof. If the light is on, the taxi is available.
  • Taxi stands: Visit designated taxi stands throughout the city. These are common at transportation hubs, tourist areas, and major squares.
  • Use ride-sharing apps: Consider using apps like Uber or local services to book a taxi conveniently through your smartphone.
taxi in rome

Affordable Options For How to Get Around Rome:

1. Bike Rental: Explore Rome on two wheels with bike rental services.

Rome has bike-sharing programs where you can rent bikes for short periods. A great eco-friendly way to explore all corners of the city! Check for services like “Biciroma” or other local bike-sharing initiatives. Book a bike through Viator, our travel affiliate, here!

how to get around rome with a scooter

2. Scooter Rental: Experience the city like a local on a scooter.

How to get around Rome like a local! When booking a scooter rental in Rome be sure to book through a reputable rental agency! They typically have various models to rent so you can pick the best fit accordingly. Rent a scooter and explore Rome like a native here at a great rate:

how to get around rome with a scooter

3. Walking: Many attractions are within walking distance in the city center.

Luckily Rome and most of its regions are extremely walkable! When all else fails, there’s no better way to experience the true culture of the city than by walking its city streets! As a first-time visitor in Rome, walking will allow you to absorb the most culture. Be sure to read up on our complete guide, “Tips for Visiting Rome”, to get the best kept secrets for touring Rome for the first time!

first-time visitors in rome

Transportation for Traveling Outside of Rome:

1. Train: Commuter trains connect Rome with nearby regions.

If you’re looking to book a trip and travel further outside the city, a train is a great option! Italy has an extensive train network covering most of its regions. There are several ways to book a train ticket in Rome:

  • Online booking: Use the national railway website or another reputable online platform to book your train ticket.
  • Railway station: Visit the railway station in person and purchase your ticket at the ticket counter or through automated ticket machines.

Taking a day trip out of Rome? Explore many of Italy’s charming towns through its extensive train network!


2. Car Rental: Ideal for day trips or exploring areas outside the city.

You can also use a car rental for how to get around Rome and its surrounding cities. Be sure to watch for road signs about specific car restrictions in certain areas of the city! If you plan to use a car rental there are several ways to book one:

  • Car rental agencies: Choose a reputable car rental agency in Rome. International and local companies operate in the city, offering various car models.

Be sure to have the required documents for renting a car: Ensure you have a valid driver’s license, passport or ID, and a credit card for the rental process. Some agencies may have specific age requirements.

In conclusion, plan ahead for transportation and how you will get around Rome during your stay. Whether you choose the efficiency of the metro, the charm of trams, the flexibility of buses, or the freedom of exploring on a bike or scooter, the public transportation in Rome offers something for every kind of traveler.

How to Get Around Rome – Public Transportation In Rome FAQ’s

  • Do I Need to Use Public Transportation in Rome? Depending on where you are staying in relation to major landmarks, not necessarily. But Rome’s extensive transportation options make it a lot easier to navigate the city.
  • Is it expensive to use Public Transportation in Rome? No! Most trips cost no more than a few euros and will take you wherever in the city you need to go.
  • Do I Need to Be a Native to Use It? No!

Safe travels and enjoy your time exploring Rome’s rich history and culture! Don’t forget to shop essential travel gear for your trip in our online store!

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  1. Handy guide! We mainly walked around on our visit after arriving by train. Italian trains are great – cheap and easy to use (machines have an English translation button).

  2. We have mostly walked around town. This guide would have been handy for our list trip; a few times we walked quite long distances simply because we didn’t have information on the public transport options handy.

  3. I live in Rome and this guide is spot on. I personally love walking around Rome, rarely drive within the city, also when I’m solo traveling to far places, I rarely drive in Italy because the transport system is very efficient. Excellent guide

  4. I enjoyed this! Great read, but I am not sure where to start. Which of your posts would you point me to read next?

    1. I recommend the regions of Rome to start planning your trip to the city!

  5. Thanks for the fantastic guide on getting around Rome! Navigating a new city can be a bit daunting, but your tips make it sound like a breeze. Excited to explore the Eternal City with these insights. Grazie mille!

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