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Welcome Back to Our Adventure!

Welcome Back to Our Adventure readers! It has been a while. The last time we spoke it was the summer of 2019 – how naïve we were then. The dawn right before the storm of the pandemic that rocked the world in ways none of could have ever imagined. It divided our nation, separated families, distanced friends, destroyed businesses.

For our family, we became parents for the first time to the sweetest baby boy in the midst of the shutdown. Shortly after, our daughter was born. To say we were overwhelmed is an understatement. Postpartum depression, crimpling fatigue, call it what you want – it was HARD. Naturally, anything that I did for myself fell to the wayside.

3 years have passed since we first began this journey. I’m 27 years old; I have two children now and one on the way. But despite all the changes these seasons have brought, the storm clouds have begun to break. The world has returned to normal, my children are growing, and I can breathe again.

I can feel a familiar urge growing, to seek independence. To take a moment and grasp it for myself. A feeling I hope all new parents encounter again amongst the throws of child-rearing. And so, The Penny Thrower is born again. 

I know the approach will be different this time; together we will explore everything from international adventures (with a few smaller hands in tow), essential gear & must haves for the average Penny Saver, to the “How-To’s” of surviving our day to days with our heads still on straight. The sky is our limit. I’m not entirely sure where it will take us. Let’s find out – together. Welcome Back to Our Adventure! Read more on our travel tips and lifestyle category pages!

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